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Bob Dylan Way downtown Duluth, MN

Bob Dylan Way downtown Duluth, MN

It’s a special relationship that exists in the old port town of Duluth in the core of it’s music and the hearts of it’s musicians.  Bob Dylan’s music and his stories through the voices, eyes and their interpretations.

“Tucked into a hillside on the tip of Lake Superior, this rugged and industrial port city harbors a restless, eclectic and creative music scene.”  “It’s a vibe that’s as palpable as it is difficult to define.” ~ Brad Nelson, Ripsaw News

Since the release of the first compilation, Duluth Does Dylan, in 2001, the city of Duluth has further embraced Bob Dylan.  The city has installed named a downtown street after him “Bob Dylan Way” and installed commemorative manhole covers and a group of area business owners and Dylan advocates formed a nonprofit organization and produces a Duluth Dylan Days week long festival including film, music and a unique “Blood On The Tracks Express” ~ a musical train ride up the scenic North  Shore of Minnesota to Hibbing, MN and back featuring local music throughout the ride.

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  • “The bands of Duluth, MN, have a slightly more legitimate claim than most to cover the songs of Bob Dylan – the legend was born in the sleepy Northern town. Of course, in a city as small as Duluth (population 85,000) just about every band around will be needed to fill up a compilation like this, and apparently that’s just what comprises Duluth Does Dylan.”

    JOSH MODELL • AllMusic
  • “The artist who would be Bob Dylan was born here, raised up the road in Hibbing, and haunted Duluth’s collegiate scene before hitting the road to New York, a new persona and a career. Four decades later, fifteen Duluth bands have given the native son a tribute.”

  • “Duluth rumor holds that Bob Dylan himself bought out all the old T-shirts of the first Duluth Does Dylan compilation, still available on Spinout. The north country label’s second compilation of locals covering Dylan is just as great.”




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